How can I upload the Proof of Use documentation (signed declaration + sample)?

You will be able to upload the signed declaration and the sample of Proof of Use through the TMCH web interface.

During trademark record submission:

  • On the "Mark overview" page, click on "SUBMIT MARK";
  • After filling in all information fields related to your trademark, navigate to the "Label" section;
  • Click on "Choose File" next to "DECLARATION OF PROOF OF USE INCLUDING SINGLE SAMPLE" and upload your POU documentation;
  • After accepting the terms and conditions, click on "SUBMIT" at the bottom of the page.
  • After trademark record submission, when the POU status has been set to "incorrect":

  • On the "Mark overview" page, navigate to your trademark record;
  • Click on "View more details"next to the mark handle to expand all trademark record information;
  • Click on "Add proof of use" next to the indication of the "INCORRECT" POU status;
  • Upload the necessary documents and click on "UPDATE";
  • The status of your POU should now have changed to "CORRECTED" which means it is in our separate POU queue to be processed.
  • You can also find a detailed overview of these steps in our



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