Can I terminate my Prepaid Account?

You can terminate your Prepaid Account when all trademark records that are linked to the account have expired, have been assigned the "invalid" or "DEACTIVATED" status or have been transferred.

To initiate the termination process, you need to log into the TMCH web interface, go to the "My account" tab and deactivate your account.

If you opted for a Gold Trademark Agent account, the Trademark Clearinghouse will issue a credit note to the Trademark Agent for the funds that are still available on its Prepaid Account after which the funds will be transferred back to the Trademark Agent’s bank account. All transaction and potential currency conversion costs will be borne by the Trademark Agent. The credit notes issued, will comply with the Luxembourg VAT requirements (a.o. refer to the initial invoice) and credit the VAT treatment applied on the initial invoice.




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