TMCH Services

How can I download my SMD file via the TMC Interface?

In order to download the SMD file via the web interface you will need to:

  • Sign in to your TMCH account;
  • Navigate to the "Services" tab;
  • Find the trademark record for which you want to download the SMD file (keep in mind that only verified trademark records with valid POU documentation are eligible for SMD generation);
  • Click on the file icon in the SMD column;
  • Your browser will then download the SMD file.
  • I have received a trademark Claims notification. What should I do next?

    You should then determine what the most appropriate steps are to take depending on your intellectual property strategy. You can, for instance, contact your lawyer in order to determine if the mentioned website is indeed infringing your rights and if so, whether you should file a UDRP case or a URS case. WIPO offers an overview of all the Right Protection Mechanisms linked to the New gTLD Program.


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