TMCH Portal Enhancements

Dear TMCH Partners,

The Trademark Clearinghouse is delighted to announce two significant enhancements to our portal, aimed at providing you with a more convenient and personalized experience.

Archived Messages Feature Update:

Firstly, we have updated the 'Archived Messages' feature on the 'My Account' page, offering you more options for message retrieval. With this feature, you can:

  • Retrieve all messages or conduct a customized search.
  • Tailor your message recovery experience based on your preferences.
  • Access messages for a maximum of 31 days using the search functionality.
  • Additionally, our marketing website now has a new page, offering detailed information for each poll code. You can find an overview on our new FAQ section via the following URL:

    Reports Update in 'My Account' Section:

    Secondly, we have implemented useful updates to the reports available in the ‘My Account’ section, specifically concerning the 'Mark List' report, 'Label List' report, 'Cases and Labels' report, and the 'Orders List' report. We have expanded the content of these reports by including key information, aiming to enhance the overall user experience. Below you can find an overview of what information is now made available to you:

    Mark List:

  • SMD file availability (Yes/No)
  • NORNtoholder service status (Active/Not Active)
  • POU expiration date in TMCH
  • Label List:

  • Sunrise notifications status (Active/Not Active)
  • Claims notifications status (Active/Not Active)
  • Ongoing notifications status (Active/Not Active)
  • Name of the Trademark record
  • Cases and Labels and Orders List:

  • Name of the Trademark record
  • In addition to content updates, we now offer the flexibility to download reports in .xlsx format, alongside the existing .csv format. This enhancement allows you to download reports in a structured format via .xlsx and retain the option to use the universally accepted .csv format.

    We encourage you to explore these updates. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out by sending an email to support[at]trademark-clearinghouse[dot]com.

    Best regards,

    The TMCH Team