New release

Release 05/08/2019: 

  • Cosmectic changes: updated lay-out on mark view (arrows replaced by buttons)
  • New onboarding emails content

Release 03/06/2019:

  • Default filter on the Mark overview page has been modified: 'expired' trademarks are not by default displayed. 

Release 06/05/2019:

Release 25/02/2019:

  • 5 year POU revalidation update
  • Mark transfer update

Release  21/12/2018: 

  • 5 year POU bulk revalidation page
  • Fix: bug fixing

Release 14/11/2018: 

  • Update TREx service

Release 01/08/2018: 

  • TREx API Extension available on OT&E

Release 17/07/2018:

  • Update TREx Service - TREx 1.1

Release 30/05/2018:

Release 24/03/2018:

  • Cosmetic changes in mark detail page
  • Security update
  • Fix: bug fixing

Release 12/02/2018:

  • Launch TREx service - TREx 1.0
  • Cosmetic changes: updated layout on marks view

Release 15/01/2018:

  • Fix: Bug fixing.
  • Updated messages when resetting password.
  • Expand length of description of goods & services.
  • Minor updates to website.

Release 30/11/2017:

  • Migration of OT&E environment.

Release 15/11/2017:

  • Updated functionality: Searching for your mark record with the mark handle number.

Release 06/10/2017: Support update:

  • Separation of database for TMCH marks interface and TMCH Support page.
  • Update URL for the TMCH Support page.
  • Removal of Login landing page

Release 16/09/2017

  • Technical migration to new platform.
  • API: Update of IP-address and connection port

Release 07/04/2017

  • Added Transfer from invalid
  • Fix: minor bugs fixed

Release 10/10/2016

  • FIX: Fast track renewal cache issues

Release 25/07/2016

  • Added Fast track renewal.
  • Added Renewal via e-mail. 

Release 25/04/2016

  • Added BrandPulse updates to API.
  • Added Variations updates to API.

Release 25/01/2016

  • Added BrandPulse updates ( including whitelisting of domains).

Release 1/01/2016

  • Added ongoing notifications for mark record label variations

Release 7/12/2015

  • Added clarifiaction when registereing a trademark holder account,  added a timer bar for the account activation time-out.
  • Fixed: Do not show "pending payments" in the order box when credit card payment has failed.
  • Added external messages for automated mark record status changes (INCORRECT->INVALID and VERIFIED->EXPIRED).
  • Added Holder (with prepay) promo reduction for first brandpulse registrations.

Release 17/06/2015

  • Added Brandpulse service for Trademark Holder (prepay model).
  • Added extended contract change functionality for Trademark Agents.
  • Added Receipt of NORN and ongoing notifications by holder functionality for Trademark Agents

Release 23/03/2015

  • Added Brandpulse service for agents.

Release 01/12/2014

  • FIX: Billing for renewed mark records;
  • Added IDNA 2008 functionality for label generation.

Release 20/10/2014

  • Added mark name to mark transfer e-mail;
  • FIX: SMD created for not qualified mark records.

 Release 13/10/2014

  • Added "deactivated" status for mark records.

Release 29/09/2014

  • Added promotion period functionality;
  • Added grace period for Trademark expiration.

Release 22/07/2014

  • Changed expiration poll message text;.
  • Changed the order flow of mark records, added banner when open orders present and redirect to 'review order' on mark submit;
  • Added extended e-mail validation for holder e-mail address;
  • Support: added links to how-to video tutorials for main TMCH functons.

Release 14/07/2014

  • Added option to submit mixed script mark records.

Release 23/06/2014

  • FIX: NORNs not sent anymore for invalid mark record;
  • Added option to transfer mark records with no POU;
  • Added URL to FAQ information to information messages when send via e-mail;
  • Added option to initiate transfer of mark records via API.

Release 12/06/2014

  • API FIX: Updating mark name for mark record without label;
  • FIX: Watermark level e-mail and poll message.

Release 10/06/2014

  • Added a timestamp for validator comments;
  • Added the same pop-up for detailed description of goods and services when incorrect mark records are edited;
  • FIX: Regenerate SMD file after adding label
  • Added: Account Termination option. If all mark records are invalid or no more mark records are linked to the account, a new option to delete the account will be visible in “my account”.

Release 19/05/2014

  • Add a column “order date” to csv export “order list”;
  • When editing an incorrect mark record the editable fields are color coded according to 'last validation'. Red background field for incorrect fields, green background field for correct fields;
  • Add option to edit the holder email address in the mark record for agent accounts;
  • New functionality: Add environment in the subject mail.

Release 28/04/2014

  • FIX: Poll message 105 is sent out based on wrong trigger;
  • Daily export: add registration number (for registered trademarks) as a column to the CSV;
  • FIX: POU status flow changed;
  • FIX: Create Treaty Or Statute Mark with multiple protection rulings has the protection ruling overwritten with the default 'NA';
  • Allow for additional e-mail addresses to receive all types of notifications (

Release 22/04/2014

  • Add support button on mark overview page;
  • FIX: Title for services tab set to "services overview";
  • FIX: Court Cases: language defaults to "Afrikaans" when submitting a court case;
  • Change position of "EDIT" button for incorrect marks to make it enhance visibility;
  • Home page: new button “Mark Overview”;
  • Daily export: add jurisdiction (for registered trademarks) as a column to CSV;
  • API: Remove inconsistencies in <info> responses (XSD change);
  • FIX: Not possible to add document to udrp/court case and change case content in the same command;

Release 07/04/2014

  • Automated e-mail updated;
  • FIX:abuse label status changes to NEW when paid by credit card;
  • API2 FIX: Don't remove existing POUstatus on mark update;
  • API2 FIX: handling of an update of an existing case;
  • OT&E: Added support for differnt scripts on OT&E (see FAQ issue);
  • OT&E: remove inconsistencies in <info> responses;

Release 31/03/2014

  • Ongoing notifications added;

Release 21/03/2014

  • Sunrise and Claims Notifications will now be sent out via 2 different e-mails, not aggregated in 1 e-mail;
  • FIX: Order with a Mark Renewal can now be reset;
  • When e-mail address of a TMCH is changed, a notification e-mail will now be sent to the new e-mail address;
  • When Mark Records are entered with a mark name that has leading or trailing white spaces, an error message will inform the user of this;
  • FIX: The Mark Handle is now added to the poll message (and e-mail) regarding Mark Record transfer;
  • FIX: disallow <contact> block in input;
  • FIX: OT&E API  add case & document: save real content to file (O Byte issue);
  • FIX: UDRP providers with braces in their name are now accepted via API.

Release 28/02/2014 (Customer Support Interface Only)

  • Allow attachments for tickets (downtime from 13h45 to 15h15 UTC time planned)

Release 14/01/2014

  • New account type, Agent with $5000 pre-pay.

Release 31/01/2014

  • Renewal of mark records now possible (via API v2 and Web Interface);
  • New export functions in My Account;
  • Specific error messages for wrong jurisdiction in API v2.

Release 28/01/2014

  • FIX: SMD zip file download issue.

Release 24/01/2014

  • Allow XML comments in API commands;
  • FIX: Label creation issue "Mark ids do not match!".

Release 20/01/2014

  • Allow contract information editing.

Release 17/01/2014

  • FIX: Allow label generation for FULLWIDTH HYPHEN-MINUS;
  • FIX: Allow Inherited script class for label generation;
  • FIX: NICE Class for Canadian Mark Records.

Release 10/01/2014

  • FIX: Make sure the basket never contains more than 10 items in total, including Abused Domain Name Labels/Cases;
  • FIX: Ensure that Data Exports are opened in UTF-8 mode;
  • FIX: Eliminate limitations on XML parser that limits big XML docs from being parsed [API];
  • FIX: Ensure a-labels are always converted to the correct lower case equivalent [API].

Release 20/12/2013

  • Allow for Mark Record Transfers between accounts.

Release 13/12/2013

  • Detailed description of goods and services for court validated and marks protected by statute or treaty, character limit set to 100000 characters;
  • Add a header in mark tab when waiting for Ogone confirmation for payment of new mark records;
  • Adding labels for marks in status "new" or "verified" functionality added;
  • White spaces removed from SMD files.

Release 06/12/2013

  • Performance enhancements for Domains & Services tab;
  • Display status in List of submissions in readable format;
  • FIX: When correcting a Court Validated Mark Record re-uploading a valid court order is not necessary;
  • Add a pop up after the protection duration is changed in order to inform the user that "Update Duration" must be clicked to submit the changes;
  • Address of CHIP SA is changed in the generated invoices.

Release 29/11/2013

  • Fix: Maximum abused domain name labels counter;
  • Fix: Correction of abuse domain name labels;
  • Fix: Visualization of pricing details for abuse domain name labels in "List of submissions".

Release 22/11/2013

  • API v2 deployed on Production.

Release 15/11/2013

  • API v2 deployed on OT&E.

Release 01/11/2013

  • Detailed description of goods and services for Registered Trademarks, character limit set to 100000 characters;
  • Fix: Maximum size of Mark Record fields changed in order to allow non-latin characters;
  • Fix: Pricing for Abused Domain Name Labels, price per case is now separated from the duration of the Mark Record protection.

Release 25/10/2013

  • Fix: Uploading a file, where file name or file path longer than 255 characters.

Release 11/10/2013

  • Add possibility to register "Abused Domain Name Labels" to verified Mark Records via the web interface (on Production and OT&E).

Release 27/09/2013

  • Toggling of "Sunrise Services" and "Claims Services" is now possible via the web interface via the Domains & Services tab;
  • Proof of use status column has been added to the Mark tab in order to visualize the Proof Of Use status without having to go into the mark record;
  • The external comment added by the validator has now been added to the export "Mark list" data export;
  • A new watermark Poll message has been added that will warn users when their pre-payment amount has gone below $ 5000;
  • Fix: invisible document status when "Invalid";
  • Fix: adding of labels when more or other than the first 100 labels are wanted.

OT&E Release 13/09/2013

  • Production Release of 30/08/2013 now deployed in the OT&E environment.

Release 30/08/2013

  • Data Export of Mark information and order information is now possible from via the "My Account" webpage;
  • Matching rules for automatic label generation will now convert "." into "-";
  • Re-correction date field added to mark information;
  • Automated mails regarding "watermark" are now sent out the same day the watermark is reached, instead of on fixed intervals;
  • Improved paging, issue which caused marks to be inaccessible if more than 300 marks were linked to the account fixed;
  • Fixed issues with proof of use status.

Release 05/07/2013

  • Fixed search and filter in Mark Overview tab, mark records with no labels attached can also be searched and filtered;
  • Implemented automated mails regarding mark record status changes, every Wednesday an e-mail will be sent out to Holder accounts (application user) listing all status changes to mark records.