TREx decommissioning

Dear TMCH users,

We have been looking into our TREx and blocking offering and, after some thoughtful consideration, we have decided to decommission the TREx service.

The communication that we receive from our agents, resellers, clients and other registries that we have reached out to around improving the product shows that there is currently little appetite for such a service. We do believe that a blocking product could be effective when there is more movement within the domain name industry. For example when the second round would start, we would potentially revive the TREx service, but for now, considering the low interest we believe it is not beneficial for anyone to keep the service live.

Should you have activated TREx on some of your labels, they will continue to be covered by the service without interruption until their respective expiration dates. After the expiration date, the TREx service will be discontinued.

We are currently looking at a broader, more effective and efficient portfolio of brand protection services which will include more functionalities. As usual, we will keep you informed of any updates to our service offering.

In case of questions, please feel free to reach out to us via our customer support page.

Best regards,

The TMCH Team