New gTLDs launch dates

The new internet extensions; the so-called gTLDs have been launching since October 2013.

Every TLD launching goes through different phases:
1. Trademark owners have first right of registration during the so-called Sunrise Period.
2. After the Sunrise Period variations of premium or limited registrations period might apply.
3. Finally in General Availability registrations are open for the whole public at a standard fee.

A few notes:
- timing and pricing of the different phases will differ from TLD to TLD
- some TLDs might be closed for the general public (for instance brand-TLDs such as .apple)

This calendar provides an overview of the TLDs that have launched or have been confirmed to launch; not all TLD-launches have already been confirmed.
We advise monitoring our twitter-feed for the most recent Sunrise Announcements.
For an overview of all TLDs that have been applied for; follow this link to the ICANN site.


As you will need to monitor each TLD specifically we recommend working with one of our agents.
They can provide you with in-depth knowledge and experience of the new gTLD Program and will help you devise an overall strategy for your mark portfolio.