New Feature added: ‘Invalid’ Trademark Record - Extra correction

Dear TMCH Users, 

in order to give trademark agents and holders with a prepaid account an additional opportunity to correct the information of their ‘invalid’ trademark records, the Trademark Clearinghouse now allows to purchase an extra correction.

This new functionality is accessible directly through the TMCH web interface for trademark holders with a prepaid account and agents. It gives the possibility to modify either the trademark name or the trademark registration number (not both).

For this service a fixed amount of 75 USD per correction will be deducted directly from the prepaid account of the user.

For further details on the different steps to benefit from this extra correction, please refer to our one pager below or our full manuals on "How to edit a trademark record" (Agents / Holders with prepaid account).

In case you have any further questions, feel free to contact us directly via our hotline or via our support page.