Name Collision

For more information on Name Collision, please refer to the ICANN website.


What is Name Collision?

A Name Collision describes the circumstance in which a term attempting to reach a private Domain Name results in resolving to a public Domain Name unintentionally.

Private domain names are used in Intranets and in many corporations and organizations throughout the world. A domain name on a private network that matches a name in the public Internet can create security risks, confusion, and systems failure.
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Impact for Trademark Holders.

For this reason Registries launching any of their new gTLDs were required to restrict certain labels from registration and/or allocation for the initial period of their launch.

As this issue is being handled these names are now coming available for registration and have to go through the different stages of Right Protection Mechanisms.


Here you will find information on TLDs are releasing names for Sunrise Registration.

First Name Collision - Sunrise Period: December 10th 2014 – January 9th 2015

  • TLDs: audio // berlin // blackfriday // christmas // cologne // gift // guitars // hamburg // hiphop // hiv // juegos // koeln // link // luxury // melbourne // onl // photo // pics // rich // ruhr // sexy // tattoo // wang