Donuts DPML

Trademark holders can block their trademark from being registered at the second level across all Donuts TLDs. Prior to submitting a DPML Application, DPML Applicants first must provide information to the Trademark Clearinghouse to obtain an SMD File. Once they have this SMD, they can contact one of the Donuts DPML registrars.

A DPML Block is simply a String that the mark holder wishes to protect. The String may be an exact match of the mark or may contain the mark within it (the mark may be at the beginning, end or anywhere in the middle of the applied-for label(s), so long as it is contiguous). For example, let’s say ABC Co. owns the trademark “xyz”.  Even if ABC Co. does not have a trademark for “xyzzz,” ABC Co. may still purchase a DPML block to cover the label ‘xyzzz’ because that String fully contains the trademarked term “xyz.”

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