.CFD TLD will be launched next week!


.CFD is a new domain extension that enters Sunrise period from March 10th, 2021 to April 12th, 2021 (UTC 14:00).

Sunrise eligible trademarks, verified by the Trademark Clearinghouse, can register their .CFD domain name as from March 10th. Secure your trademarks on this rather distinct domain extension before it is made available to the general public!

What Is .CFD?

.CFD, short for ‘Clothing and Fashion Design’ is tailored for the future of clothing and fashion design. .CFD works well across a variety of applications of the words “clothing and fashion design.”.

Who Is .CFD For?

CFD (#ClothingFashionDesign) is where clothing brands, apparel manufacturers, and fashion houses, designers, influencers, and eCommerce stores usher in a prosperous new era of clothing and fashion design.

  • .CFD is ideal for fashion houses, manufacturers, retailers, and designers with a flair for artistic expression.
  • .CFD is also a relevant choice for fashion bloggers with a penchant for panache and appreciation for stylish clothing and creative fashion design.
  • .CFD is perfect for a clothing brand’s online store, or a model’s portfolio page, or a photographer’s online collection, or a cosmetics brand’s web shop, or a clothing/footwear eCommerce store, and much more.
  • .CFD is a great choice for new-age apparel businesses, forward-thinking fashion brands, and progressive cosmetics and footwear companies looking to reshape the world of fashion and haute couture.
  • .CFD domain names can be used by online boutiques, virtual fashion shows, lifestyle & fashion eCommerce stores, fashion blogs and style guides, and any other application of the words “clothing and fashion design.”

By providing a memorable, unique, and relevant web address, .CFD offers clothing, fashion, cosmetics, and footwear brands and designers a unique opportunity to strengthen their web presence.

How can you register?

Visit your preferred registrar or www.nic.cfd today to search for your .CFD domain or to find a registrar that is participating in CFD's Sunrise Period exclusively for trademark holders and refer to our listed agents to get your registrations.